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Fred Perry x
Akane Utsunomiya

Two Worlds Collide

Photos by Ittetsu Matsuoka

Japanese designer Akane Hasui founded her label in Tokyo a decade ago. Our first collaboration fuses the DNA of both brands as she plays with pattern, print and proportion, reimagining classic sports pieces to create a unique collection.

Exploring the area Akane personally grew up in, it’s the unexpected parts of the city that she is drawn to – the bare walls, signs and roads, showing how Tokyo really is.

“Design starts with materials or colours. In this collaboration, we have items that are based very strongly on the Fred Perry designs. They were designed in such a way that we managed to keep the Fred Perry base, but were still able to play around, for example, dropping the shoulder and adding slits to the polo shirts.” - Akane
“I’ve used python print before in my own designs. Snakes appear in many cultures and mean many things. They are gods to some, the embodiment of life to others, and some even think they are evil beings. I’ve always liked python print, I think there’s a unique energy and power to it. Just like with the new look, I think there’s something enchanting about a young woman in python print.” - Akane