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A Nationwide Photo Album


A new book from Museum of Youth Culture journeys the unique subcultures of Great Britain through the last century. 

Make a memory a legacy, and pre-order the book now.

From Teds to Punks, Rude Boys to Ravers, no one commits to musical subcultures quite like the youth of the UK. Our good friends at the Museum of Youth Culture have been charting the immense contribution to society British youth subcultures have made for the last few years, with thousands of treasured photographs and pieces of ephemera submitted online.

Grown Up in Britain is a brand-new coffee table book that showcases what it has meant to be young in Britain over the last 100 years. Designed like a patchwork quilt of collective memories, the book travels page by page through the common themes that bring us all together. 

“We started this campaign two years ago and the public have answered in their droves with some amazing images,” says Jon Swinstead, the museum’s founder. “We can not wait to see what other gems the public will submit. All have a unique story to tell which spark emotions and conversations when on display.”

Steve Simson

The ‘Grown Up in Britain’ book will be available to pre-order at the price of £20 for the first copy, and £10 each for copies thereafter, coupled with a variety of exciting bundles including limited 10” x 8” C-Type lab prints, fold-out posters and eco-friendly cotton screen-printed book-bags. There will be the option to choose your unique pledge, which will help fundraise towards the Museum’s permanent space and make a memory a legacy.

To get involved and secure a copy of this limited edition, head here.

Gary Smith
Edward McCabe
Bob Abraham
Jules Sutton
Ian Chiles

It’s not too late to contribute either; if you spent lockdown digging through old images tucked away in corners of cupboards or poring over scrapbooks of old ticket stubs, now is your time to shine and contribute to history. Head over to The Museum of Youth Culture and find out how to share your images and stories and potentially feature in the brand-new book released later this year.