Soul Boy

Video by Chazz Adnitt
Music by PM Warson

Ahead of this year’s Record Store Day, we caught up with the Soul Boy himself, Anthony Flavin, about his favourite Northern Soul tracks.


“Northern Soul makes me so happy. The music, lyrics, scene, and also the community. I love to dance and share the joy of dancing with other people too. Everyone should make time to dance every day.”

Growing up in care, Anthony Flavin had to look elsewhere to find a true sense of belonging. Encouraged by his devoted key worker, Luke Greenhill, Anthony started going to Northern Soul nights to follow his passion and find a community he could feel a part of. He credits his passion for Northern Soul with turning everything around.

“The people are so friendly and make you feel so welcome. It’s like a big family. And the music is great!”

To find out more about Anthony’s incredible journey, catch the BBC documentary ‘Soul Boy’ online now.


Listen to Anthony’s playlist below