Music Venues Trust
Announces October Events

October 2021

Music Venues Trust has announced a series of in-person and online panel discussions and events for October discussing the future of the UK’s grassroots music venues.

Where would we be without grassroots music venues? Without most of the iconic musical exports the UK has produced over the decades. That’s where.

But, thanks to rising rents, the creep of gentrification and the Covid pandemic we’re currently predicted to lose 80% of our grassroots music venues over the next few decades.

That’s where the Music Venue’s Trust has stepped in. The charity launched in 2014 to help secure the long-term future of iconic grassroots music venues and the importance of their work has stepped up a gear since 2020, as the Covid pandemic has threatened countless musical venues with permanent extinction.

With music venues back open again, Music Venues Trust announced two events which took place on October 5th and 12th. The first took place at EartH, Hackney and featured panel discussions on how grassroots music venues can emerge from the pandemic, while the second comprised of a series of online panels and webinars with leading industry experts.

“It’s been two very long and strange years since we last all gathered for Venues Day 2019,” says Beverly Whitrick, Strategic Director of Music Venue Trust.

“We don’t think there’s anyone in our community who hasn’t faced the very real prospect of having to permanently close their doors or had to make incredibly tough decisions about members of staff that they know are absolutely fundamental to what their venue represents.

And yet despite all this, we are still here. Still fighting, still determined. And most importantly of all, still standing together trying to support each other. Perhaps that silver lining contains within it the thing we have fought for these last seven years since the very first Venues Day – a recognition that our venues matter, that our work is important, that the people who do it should be valued and supported.”


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