Amy Winehouse
Foundation Collection

Referencing her original designs for Fred Perry, our collection remains rooted in Amy’s distinctive sportswear and pin-up silhouettes. British graffiti artist Pegasus - known for his stencilled piece of the singer in Camden, pays tribute to Amy with an exclusive rose design, printed onto select pieces.


A legacy of creativity.

Amy Winehouse Foundation

Amy Winehouse Collection
  • Amy Winhouse Foundation Collection

    "Her legacy will be remembered
    forever and the work the Amy
    Winehouse Foundation is doing is
    testimony to her kindness and
    love for others."


  • Amy Winehouse Fred Perry Shirt
  • Amy Winehouse Tipped Knitted Shirt
Amy Winehouse Foundation Collection

We continue to collaborate with the Amy Winehouse Foundation, making a contribution each season to support the charity’s work for young people from disadvantaged backgrounds.

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