Wednesday 27th July 2011

September 5th marks the release of 'Disorientation', the second release from London based band 'Deep Cut'. Mat Flint, the previous bass player for 'Death In Vegas' heads up guitars along with Pad Bailey to create a remarkable soundscape , reminiscent of a 90's grunge band transcending into American Psych.

Vocalist Emma Flint hovers over subtle dub beats. She has a haunting quality which is more than often doubled up with a wistful delay, utilising her to full effect. Following on from their first album 'My Thoughts Light Fires', 'Disorientation' was recorded in their rehearsal space, with overdubs taking place in Emma and Mat's front room. Creating music in an environment of your own desire, a space in which you are fully at one with is a trend in which a lot of bands are exploring, more often than not producing results with a far more natural sound than if they were to use the same process in a generic studio. This has noticeable results in 'Disorientation', an album that flows organically, surely created by complete control and happiness with surroundings.

As Mat says 'This is all about being creative and making music that resonates with us and others rather than chasing some elusive notion of fame. It's about making music that we are proud of rather than something that fits into a scene."

All the visuals created for the album were conjured up by the band, with a little help from Mat's father who once designed for Smash Hits and Zigzag magazine. Overall, they have made a piece of their own architecture , with no apparent third party, not something that a lot of bands have the cahonies to do. We commend their courage, not that we need to, the album speaks for itself.

Announced Deep Cut shows are as followed:

Hoxton Bar and Grill - August 2nd with Ringo Deathstarr

Wilmington Arms - August 11th


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