Manchester Sound - Part 2

20 More Manchester Bands You Need To Hear Now

Tuesday 9th August 2016

Manchester band, Cabbage 

It's over a year and a half since our first feature on new and emerging bands on Manchester's underground music scene. The list included names such as Blossoms, now taking up position on the cover of the NME, as well as other bands that have become must-see acts at festivals and club nights across the country. Hoping to find more talent we revisit Manchester to see what's new.

Cabbage have been making a bigger and bigger noise in the first half of 2016, describing themselves as a 'Manchester based five piece serving up an idiosyncratic, satirical attack in the form of discordant neo post-punk'. Cabbage don’t shy away from politics aiming to show that young British people have something to say, harking back to the days of Sex Pistols. Listen to debut EP 'Le Chou'.

Gramotones were a favourite band from our 2015 Manchester feature, and we were saddened to hear that they were no longer a band - but we very happy to hear that they had re-named and re-modelled themselves as Cupids. Watch their clip for "Kickin' In" below.

Pale Waves
"Reverb n glitter". Huge euphoric indie pop tunes, fronted by singer/guitarist, Heather, whose presence suggests that she is channelling Robert Smith's spirit directly from The Cure's 'Wish' period, making them stand out from others working in similar fields. Check out their tunes on Soundcloud.

The Mantells 
Classic sounding anthemic indie songs from this Manchester three-piece who recently went down a storm at Y Not Festival, justifying the large following they have amassed so far. Watch the video for their 2015 track 'Payday Playboys' below.

'Perfect Place' was described by NME as 'All executed with spitting-cobra precision'  and it pretty much sums it up. Vocally the song is impeccable with its falsetto pitched choruses. Song making of very high quality, and definitely a band to watch in the future.

False Advertising 
Fresh from Kendal Calling, False Advertising describe themselves as a Grunge-punk noise-pop trio which we can assure you is an accurate description of their product and in no way misleading. If you like to listen to Wolf Alice loudly - these guys are for you.

Girls Girls Girls 
Despite the echoes of Skid Row's rock anthem conjured up by their band name, this rock 'n' roll three-piece have a classic North-West guitar and vocal sound that will suit fans of The Beatles, Jake Bugg and Arctic Monkeys. Pay attention to the 'Warning Signs'.

The Jade Assembly
Described by Manchester indie hero, Clint Boon, as 'The best Guitar Band Since Kasabian', this Bolton four-piece have a surprisingly powerful rock sound reminiscent at times of a Mancunian incarnation of Manic Street Preachers. Listen below.

ist ist
One of the most interesting band names on the list, perhaps onomatopoeically describing a drum sound from New Order's 'Blue Monday', ist ist make wonderfully layered post-punk influenced rock sounding like a mixture of Curve and Joy Division. Check out their dark and brooding 'White Swan'.

Girl Friend 
Representing stylish pop for grown-ups, male/female duo, Girl Friend make modern electronic music that has the potential to fill dancefloors across the world in the vein of Daft Punk. Listen to the Louis la Roche Remix of 'Tragic On The Dancefloor' (an excellent dance music lyric if there ever was one).

Coining the inevitable genre description post-post-punk, Types have mastered an immersive mix of filtered guitar and huge swirling synthesiser sounds on their most recent song, 'Overhead Powerlines', creating an effect that is perhaps more stratospheric than atmospheric.

Plastic House
On our previous Manchester band list, Stockport gave us some real gems, all the more pleasing given Fred Perry himself having origins in the area. Plastic House have provoked positive responses from Manchester's own Louder Than War, with their charming slow building song 'In the Morning Sun' with low-key bass and drums gradually giving way to guitar and vocals.

The Claremonts
You should definitely check out these guys' latest single 'You're Not There', but for our two cents, our favourite song from The Claremonts is 'Money' for its full on Manchester, Northern vibe, full of Bluetones style and perfect guitar jangle.

Another Stockport band, KASHMERE are a four-piece taking inspiration from the indie revival of the noughties, and the rock 'n' roll swagger therein. Their latest single 'Blow Your Mind' is out now.

The Hyena Kill
It would be easy to fill a list of Manchester bands with four-piece indie bands, but it's good to see that there are other genres and formations represented. Crudely described, The Hyena Kill sound like an angry Muse, distilled down to a male/female duo (Guitar/vox and drums respectively). That said they're not too serious to dress up as cardboard/tinfoil robots. Watch their video for 'Crosses'.

Sly Antics 
Another band representing the rock end of the musical scale, three-piece Sly Antics comprise cousins Sam and Lee with their friend Tommo. Listen to the title track from their debut EP, 'Captive City' below, and be sure to check out the video with its Clockwork Orange undercurrents.

The Nix 
A five-piece, from what must be a buzzing hive of creativity, Stockport, The Nix have a hard indie/new-wave sound venturing away form more obvious song structures. Their 'Luna' EP is made up of five killer tracks, showing the varied styles at their disposal.

With a name which presumably hints at a reference to a song title by The Jam, Cleargreen make Mod friendly indie rock that shouldn't disappoint fans of Oasis and their peers. Check out 'Satellite Brain' to see what we mean.

Heavy On The Magic 
One of the less conventional bands on this list - complete with a very Wayne Coyne-esque approach to puppetry and song, Heavy On The Magic are perhaps best introduced via one of their DIY videos. Watch their demo of 'The Bug' here.

Last year our feature on Manchester bands was topped with Blossoms - now a huge band nationwide and beyond, so it seems apt to wrap this list up with Blooms, to continue the floral theme that seems to attract musical Manchester beesBlooms bring the C86 sound up to date with songs such as 'Porcelain' that evoke pure watery soundscapes through their effortlessly shifting tempos.

Amazing to see an entirely new, fresh crop of bands only 18 months on from our first look at Manchester's emerging bands. As ever, any list like this is never going to be exhaustive or even comprehensive. If you think we've missed someone out let us know at @FredPerry_Sub. Click on the band names above to link to their Twitter profile.

Huge thanks to all of those who made suggestions or got in touch to be involved.


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