Creative sibling duo from Bristol

Thursday 17th May 2012

For 2:54, everything comes from somewhere deep inside; that shared sisterly bond between Hannah and Colette Thurlow that manifests in their matching, messy hand gestures, the mirroring tattoos down their right arms, and their darkly triumphant, guitar-driven epics. Their relationship and the music they’ve been making together since they were teenagers are so intuitive that they struggle to describe it; but when they do, you know exactly what they mean.

“The songs just feel like something that needs to come out,” explains Hannah, the quieter of the pair. “It’s something I actually feel – I know when it’s coming.”

The musical drug took hold when the Thurlows were teenagers living in Bristol, having moved there from their native Ireland when they were three and one, respectively. Uncharacteristically for siblings, they shared the same music taste and always had a creative relationship. As a teenager, Colette, the oldest by two years, discovered Queens Of The Stone Age’s self-titled debut, an influence the pair still hold dear 13 years later. “Each of their records is a constant innovation, but keeps its heart in the same place,” enthuses Hannah. “From Kyuss onward they’re constantly evolving.” However, it’s Josh Homme’s looser, more feral work for his Desert Sessions project that shows the clearest imprint upon 2:54 – widescreen and landscape-conjuring, their mysterious origins unfettered by needless bluster.

2.54 will perform at Dot to Dot Festival 2011 

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