Kyla La Grange

Spartan pop blending organic & electronic

Thursday 22nd May 2014

Kyla La Grange returns, and this time her music is brighter, bolder. Her forthcoming second album represents an absorbing new direction for the singer-songwriter, a shift away from the acoustic heartbreak of her folky debut towards a more subtly emotional, electronic pop smartness.

Kyla describes the new music as spartan pop that blends together both organic and electronic sounds. The observational lyrics have an epic feel worthy of an 80s power ballad; Bonnie Tyler’s Total Eclipse Of The Heart and T’Pau’s China In Your Hand remain touchstones from Kyla’s youth. If this new album has a theme, it’s past events whose reverberations can still be felt well into adulthood. 'Cut Your Teeth' is about a child being reprimanded, 'Fly' is about bullying and 'White Doves 'casts back to a strange, scary event from her childhood. “There are a couple of unhappy songs on the new album but they’re mostly observational,” she clarifies. “There isn’t the intensity of emotion of the first album, which was so strongly felt. That was teenage despair. This one is more, ‘Oh god, I’m actually alright.’”

Watch Kyla La Grange's brand new video 'The Knife' below. Her second album is due out later, in 2014. She will perform at Dot to Dot Festival 2014.

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