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Her on-tour '15 summer mixtape

Thursday 14th May 2015

It's a busy year for Laura Doggett. Laura recently supported Years & Years at their two shows at London’s Heaven, and has several Summer festivals on her schedule including The Great Escape and Dot to Dot Festival. She also has a gig in London at XOYO, with support from Martin Luke Brown, and her Into The Glass EP is out on 10th May.

No wonder Laura spends so much time listening to music on the tour bus! Check out her 'Tour Bus Summer 15' playlist below and read on for her reasons behind each choice. 

Sunchyme Dario GEP is 
Summer is this song for me. Nostalgia all day long. 

Baltimore - Nina Simone
The dark blues lyrics matched with the chilled rhythm make this song the perfect contemplative tour bus song. 

Porcelain - Moby
Just my favourite tune ever - I love The Beach (book and film) and this song takes me back to the film soundtrack and I just get this feeling that I can't explain.

Burn - Usher
I know all the lyrics and I loved the Confessions album growing up. I love the sentiment of this song. You don't want to let it go, it hurts, but you know it's right. Let it burn. SO good. Not the conventional love song. 

Time is Dancing - Ben Howard
This song is just beautiful. 'Let's go dancing, I do believe we're only passing through'. 

The Time is now - Moloko
Adore this tune. It's spontaneous and brave and just fun. Her vocal delivery is perfect in this. 

Swimming Pools - Kendrick Lemar
Man I love this song. Kendrick's writing is so descriptive, innovative and it's full of melody. 

I need my girl - The National
I love this band, though fairly new to them I admit. It's so great to hear a baritone in popular music. I love the lyrics. 

What's up? -  4 Non Blondes
Her voice. Her voice. Her voice. So quirky and brave. The melody. The conviction. I'm in love. "I pray every single day for a revolution!" 

Retrograde - James Blake
All day I'm humming that riff. Allllll day. Love his voice, have a huge love for JB.

Big Yellow Taxi - Joni Mitchell
No need to explain. Lyrics. Sentiment. Personality. Awesome performance, awesome song.

Cool - Gwen Stefani
A bit like Burn, I find the subject of this song really interesting as it's not the conventional love song. It's refreshing, the melodies are awesome, I love Gwen. 

Cavalier - James Vincent McMorrow
I just lay back in the sun, look out the window, and feel like life is just as it should be with this song in my ears.

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