An honour from
Fred himself

Photography courtesy of H. F. Davis / Stringer /
Getty Images & Ed Lacey / Popperfoto / Getty Images

Every Fred Perry shirt is signed off with the Laurel Wreath proudly embroidered onto its chest.

Very occasionally, the Laurel Wreath has initials below it. Fred’s own shirt had his initials: FJP.

When Fred gave his shirts as gifts, he had their initials embroidered onto them – but everyone was only ever allowed two.

That is, until Fred bumped into soon-to-be U.S President Jack Kennedy on the golf course. Fred walked across to shake the great man’s hand - and to congratulate him on his good taste in clothes, as he was also wearing a Fred Perry shirt.

JFK responded by asking Fred whether he could be allowed the honour of 3 initials. Fred agreed then and only ever agreed once more, with the initials BJM: for Billie Jean Moffitt who would become the tennis player known for winning 39 Grand Slam titles, and known after marriage as Billie Jean King.

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