Irvine Welsh


Thursday 23rd March 2017

Irvine Welsh

Describe your style in three words?
One needed: shite.

One musician who has had the most influence on you?
Bowie. Stood him up twice because I feared I'd embarrass myself as a gushing fanboy.

Another you - what job would you have done?
Tennis pro. Would loved to have been good enough to be a top player. Like boxing without having to worry about getting hit.

Which sub-cultures have had an enduring effect on you?
Punk and house were both life-changing cultural moments. They were both about saying to the controllers "f*ck off - we'll steer this ship." We've lost the spirit in this age.

Can music change things?
It changes you. You let it change everybody else. 

How important are indie venues for British music?
Essential - if you don't have anywhere to play you have no social life, no culture. 

Best Gig you have ever been to?
Roxy Music, Edinburgh, '73.

You could play in any band?
Led Zeppelin.

Irvine Welsh is best known as the author responsible for the 1993 novel Trainspotting. Later adapted for film by Danny Boyle, Trainspotting, along with its soundtrack, became the defining British film of the 1990s.

His stories often centre around his birthplace, Edinburgh, exploring the countercultures and identities of working-class Scotland, with his signature phonetic style of conveying accents and phrases, and unflinching portrayal of themes such as drug use, sex, violence and crime.

The Blade Artist, the latest book by Irvine Welsh is available now. Purchase it here.

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