Sam Wolfson


Sunday 19th March 2017

Name, where are you from?
I’m Sam Wolfson from London

What do you do?
I’m Executive Editor at VICE and a writer.

Describe your style in three words:
Oof, I guess: Second-divorce dad

What is your all-time favourite gig?
I think either Blur at Glastonbury, the first time they reformed, or Watch the Throne at the Birmingham NEC. 

What was the last album you bought?
I’m a music journalist with an Apple Music account. I don’t really buy albums.

Most meaningful lyrics to inspire change?
Confidence Boost by Trim and James Blake, a song that could inspire a generation.

Look, strike a pose
If you don't care how deep he rolls
Strike a pose
Girl, if you know you look good in your clothes
Strike a pose
And if you've got issues and you don't care who knows
Strike a pose, strike a pose
It's your show, strike a pose
If you've worked hard for what's yours and you know
That your name's on your rentbook or bought or mortgaged home
Strike a pose
Also, if you had a dad or mum and not both
Strike a pose
If you was brought up in a foster home with no pops to phone
Strike a pose
If people only phone you when they want something
But when it's vice versa they don't wanna know
Strike a pose
If they talk behind your back
But to your face they're as good as gold
Strike a pose
If you're as good as road Niked out, hoodie's low
Strike a pose

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