Jockstrap City Hell Remix

Coming Soon: Saturday 5


After meeting at London’s Guildhall School of Music and Drama, vocalist/violinist/songwriter Georgia Ellery and electronic producer/songwriter Taylor Skye formed Jockstrap. The band’s intentionally crude name stood in stark contrast to their strange but sophisticated sounds, with Ellery’s diaphanous songwriting and vocals disrupted by Skye’s harsh, unpredictable production.

After releasing debut EP ‘Love Is the Key to the City’ and remix EP ‘Lost My Key In The ❤️ Club ❤️’ on independent label Kaya Kaya Records - which quickly drew attention from press and radio alike, as well as established artists all enamoured with the duo’s beguiling style - Jockstrap went onto sign with Warp for the release of their 2020 EP ‘Wicked City’ and follow-up mixtape, ‘Beavercore’.

The pair's firm footing in classical music and jazz is evident in their writing which, combined with their love of experimental and contemporary music, creates a unique and advanced approach to the pop format.”


Listen to Taylor from Jockstrap chat with fellow young producer Mac Wetha (aka Lloyd from Salmon Cat / NiNE8). Discussing how they create their beats, bleeps and the stores behind their musical output. Beats & Bleeps Podcast


Listen to Jockstrap’s exclusive music playlist with us: Jockstrap Subculture Playlist

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