A new psychedelic brand of pop

Tuesday 12th May 2015

With a new psychedelic brand of pop, breakthrough outfit Cairobi recently released debut EP Distant Fire via Week of Wonders, available to download on iTunes, or listen in full below.   

Based in London, the multi-national five-piece originally hailed from Austria, Italy, Mexico and France, and together hone their distinctive sound, conjuring an exotic atmosphere that have seen the band compared to the likes of Animal Collective and The Flaming Lips.  

Occupying an area between pop and experimentalism, which finds its roots in the 'Archaeology of the Future’, the band demonstrate their sound to full effect on infectious lead single ‘Zoraide’. Building from tribal beginnings into an anthemic festival-ready chorus, the track’s production remains wonderfully polished over crashing guitar riffs that lay underneath, holding each moment together. 

‘Perfect Strangers’ delves further into their experimental sound, kicking off with bursts of dissonance before firing straight into the high-energy chants and frenetic guitar of ‘Human Friend’. Bringing proceedings to an end, EP closer ‘Please’ finishes on a downtempo note of reflection as vocal loops echo and linger over an ambient soundscape.

Formerly known as Vadoinmessico, Cairobi are certainly no strangers to the big stage, having already garnered recognition for their performances at SXSW, Latitude and New York’s CMJ. Now with the release of their debut EP on the horizon, and the promise of a full length album in the pipeline, you can expect plenty more from this excitingly unique outfit looking destined to storm 2015.

Cairobi will perform at Dot to Dot Festival 2015.


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