How do they create? What influences and inspires emerging creative directors? Keeps them on their respective games? Translating the visual references and reflecting the stories their creative collaborators live and breath; and the importance of inspiring and nurturing the next generation of creative British youth.

Listen in as creative directors Milo Hawksley-Blake, Aliyah Otchere, Max Turrent and Dani Monterio rake across graphic design, photography and film and its context in responding to culture.

How do they motivate each other to create even better work and build communities? Elevating and pushing the scenes forward with other creative artists and documenting what they are experiencing right now, through visual references and life experiences. Being in tune with our senses and building a visual language, learning to edit and refine from the constant bombardment of imagery in a digital age.

The importance of multi-faceted British culture and diversity. How they are jointly creating diverse British sub-cultural storytelling in the right here and now. Be inspired. Go create.

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Please note certain content contains strong language and some flashing imagery.