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Ever felt like you didn’t fit in? You had a voice that couldn’t be heard? Was music the friend you could really trust? The search for like-minded people and the places and sub-cultural spaces you could call home. Escaping the negative and finding the creative positive. Finding your tribe.

Join Sidders, Nayana IZ, LCYTN (Lucy) and Natty Wylah in a candid, touching and wide-ranging chat about music and finding your own identity. Stories about culture, working out who they are, where they fit in, the struggle for acceptance and finding their own voices as individual artists. Messing about at school, finding the piano room, the people who inspired them and now support them as the positive, creative talents they all are.

How can we build a more creative and inclusive British society? What do creative kids really want and need?

Everyone starts somewhere. Share the journey, insights and laughs about how they got to be where they are. And never be afraid or told what you are or are not capable of doing again. Be inspired. Go create.

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Please note certain content contains strong language and some flashing imagery.